The birth of DrinkTea Artworks in 2011 was the pride and joy of Mr Ronald Lim and Miss Welly Tay. Fuelled by a deep passion for photography, this husband and wife team decided to embark on a journey to capture the enchanting moments for newly weds on their wedding day. Derived from their respective surnames, Lim and Tay, which coincidentally sounds like Drink Tea in the hokkien dialect, this dynamic and bubbly duo went on to create many wonderful memories for more than 150 couples to date. 


DrinkTea Artworks also oversees a cinematography section called DrinkTea Films. Led by their director Gan, this separate department was created to respect the critical differences in shooting style and lighting requirements between the two fields. This attention to detail allows them to focus on videography alongside photography without compromising the level of quality of either specialisations. 


To go that extra mile, they provide indispensable tips on wedding planning and place substantial importance on communication and flexibility - hence ensuring your complete satisfaction in their products. With their combination of warm service and spirited personality, they are able to make couples and their guests feel at ease on the big day. While prioritising your enjoyment and happiness, they deftly juggle a daring flair for creativity that is streamlined and customised according to the couples’ ideas and suggestions.


Since the company’s launch, the team has grown to an elite group of six passionate members. Together, they deliver an array of essential services - ranging from wedding day shoots to instant print stations and video booths - whilst upholding a steadfast conviction in their philosophy: “Expressing You”. This tagline encapsulates their fervour for their excellence in unique artistry.  Through the discovery of each couple’s one-of-kind story and love, they are able to embody the precious individuality and sweet memories of both bride and groom in pictures that last a lifetime.


Focused on capturing the authentic and unique aspect of each couple’s love story, DrinkTea Artworks is dedicated to delivering photography and videography productions that truly speak to your heart.


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